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Lawyers say divorces skyrocketing in York Region

By Jason Sorrenti | August 25, 2020

Two experienced lawyers agree on numbers, disagree on cause of spike in divorces in York Region. by Jeremy Grimaldi Source: There have been plenty of predictions throughout the coronavirus pandemic, ranging from a spike in domestic abuse to the collapse of the economy to the potential for a second wave of the virus. Now…

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Divorce During COVID-19: Delays in changes to the Divorce Act

By Natalie Taccone | July 10, 2020

On June 5, 2020, the federal government announced that the pending changes to the Divorce Act will be delayed to March 1, 2021, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes were originally scheduled to come into effect on July 1, 2020, in accordance with Bill C-78. With the government focused on the pandemic, leaders…

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Divorce During COVID-19: Reopening Courts

By Natalie Taccone | July 7, 2020

Since March 16, 2020, regular court operations in Ontario have been suspended due to COVID-19. In-person and virtual court attendances have generally been limited to urgent matters. Limitation periods and litigation deadlines have been suspended. This suspension has significantly impacted litigants’ ability to take procedural steps before the courts. On Tuesday, June 30, 2020 in…

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Divorce During COVID-19: Decline in Assets & Property

By Natalie Taccone | June 17, 2020

During a divorce, if your date of separation was pre-COVID-19, you may have experienced a sharp decline in the value of your assets post-separation.  This applies whether you invest in the stock market, real estate market or if you own your own business.  Is it fair that an owner-spouse alone must suffer this market-driven loss,…

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Divorce During COVID-19: Support Payments When Experiencing Job Loss

By Natalie Taccone | June 17, 2020

During COVID-19, many Ontarians are experiencing job loss but still have child support or spousal support payments to make.  Places of work are closed because of COVID-19.  People have been laid-off due to a shortage of work in connection with COVID-19. This has an impact on both the support payor and recipient.  If there is…

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Do I have to pay spousal support when I retire?

By Julie Zimmerman | December 11, 2019

Often upon separation spouses will learn that some financial interdependency will continue to exist between them; but spousal support may continue after you retire. Often upon separation spouses will learn that some financial interdependency will continue to exist between them. What they may not know is when or how this sustained dependency may change or…

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Do I Get Half of My Spouse’s Property in Divorce?

By Valda Blenman | December 5, 2019

There is no simple answer to whether or not you get half of your spouse’s property in divorce. The cute portrayal of a house being physically sawed into two pieces is not always the way it works. Also, a quick uninformed calculation may end up costing you many times more than a careful and skilled…

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How Does Social Media, Text & Emails Affect Divorce?

By Natalie Taccone | December 2, 2019

The way we communicate with people has changed; Text messages, emails, social media messages and posts are commonplace in everyday life – and divorce. Evidence in family law cases has gone from “he said, she said” to electronic communications, preserved in black and white. These written communications can be admitted as evidence in a court…

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What Does Cohabitation Mean When Claiming Spousal Support?

By Natalie Taccone | December 2, 2019

A spouse has certain spousal support rights but if you are not married, one way to qualify as a spouse is cohabitation “continuously” for at least three years. But what does cohabitation mean? You may be surprised to learn how the courts interpret it… In Ontario, a spouse has certain support rights. If you are…

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Divorce Without A Lawyer Can Have Consequences

By Stephanie Di Federico | May 30, 2019

It may be tempting to try to resolve issues arising from your divorce without a lawyer. However, people often end up being bound by Agreements that are different than what they wanted or thought they were agreeing to, and which do not reflect their entitlement under law. There was a recent case whereby an arbitrator…

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