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Child custody is about decision making for your children. Determining who has custody is based on your children’s best interests. There are many aspects of custody and access including travelling for vacation and school trips, moving, right to information, obtaining a passport and changing a child’s name.

What Is The Difference Between Sole Child Custody And Joint Custody?

Sole child custody means one parent has the decision making authority over major issues like residence, health, education and religion.

Joint child custody is where those decisions are made by both parents in consultation with each other.

Who Gets Child Custody Of The Kids?

Determining on who gets the children is based on the children’s best interest.

My Ex-Partner Is Threatening To Leave The Country With My Children. Can They Do This?

Without your consent or court order they should not be able to leave the country and will likely be stopped at border services. Sometimes, an emergency order must be sought to ensure that the children are not removed from the country without your consent. It is important to bring such an application to the court for an order be sought without delay when such a situation presents itself. The lawyers at Bortolussi Family Law can help you act quickly and efficiently to prevent the removal of your children from the country.

How Much Time Will I Get With My Children?

Parents must agree on whether the children will spend their time primarily with one parent, with the other parent having access/visiting rights to the children or whether the parents will share time more equally. If the parents cannot agree on how much time the children will spend in each household, the court will impose that decision on them after considering many factors, including the parents’ availability, ability and willingness to care for the children.

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